Aytuğ Women's Short Sleeve Pajamas Set-0082160148

Aytuğ Women's Short Sleeve Pajamas Set-0082160148 (0082160148)

Brand : Aytuğ
Discount Rate : %63 Discount
Price : $176.00(Vat included)
Discounted : $65.60(Vat included)
Product content: 100% Cotton Fabric: O.suprem This women's pajama set, which will make you feel like you're not wearing it the moment you wear it, will be indispensable in your closet. The perfect women's pajama set that you can gift to your friend, mother and loved ones. It will be your indispensable choice in your pajamas with its sweat absorption, breathability and softness. You can wear this women's pajama set all day long thanks to its ultra comfortable structure You can use it comfortably for a long time. Cotton fabric is antibacterial and healthy, thanks to its cotton content, your skin breathes easily and does not sweat. Your days at home will be different with the pajama sets designed with colorful and high quality yarns. You will be able to use the Aytuğ women's pajama set for a long time if it is washed according to the washing instructions. It will make you feel the moment you wear it because its raw material is cotton.
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